What is Andor?
Andor started off as a fun place for my friends and I to play together, but after time passed I realized it could be more than just that. Before I created Andor, I had played on many servers that had pay-to-win mechanics or disappeared randomly overnight. Andor is meant to be a place that lasts, where you can enjoy a fair gameplay experience without other players having an unfair advantage over you by spending money. If there ever comes a day where I cannot continue to run the server, I will find someone to take it over so it can continue to live on and everybody can continue to play.

Andor has grown into a network, meaning there's a lot more to be managed now! Items and purchases do not transfer between servers as they are separate entities and run entirely differently with all new plugins. This also menas that each server is its own unique experience for you to learn yourself! Whether you want to play a modified semi-vanilla experience or delve into the deep world of Pixelmon, Andor is working to fit your needs.